A Belveliero for a Captain. Where to sleep in Trapani.

Se vuoi leggerlo in ITALIANO ecco qui.

Belveliero is Giovanni’s B&B in Trapani, the place where officially I study but actually I come to converse with chatty tourists and disturb the owner while he runs and repairs a socket or sees landing plane schedule to go and take his guestes (I’m not jealous, my boyfriend is just a kind person 🙂 )

Welcome to B&B Belveliero! :)

Welcome to B&B Belveliero! 🙂

This B&B occupies all third floor of a building in Liberty style built by Giovanni’ grandfather. Mr Grandfather was a captain! And obvously his building is in front on the sea, in the port, and indeed you can look out the window and greet (really) departing sailing boats, people are arriving by hydrofoil from Egadi Islands or the crew of luxurious yachts that ever and anon arrive Trapani and even salt pans.

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Sometimes I really study here, because is a quiet place and nobody disturb me and when I’m fed up I can go down and walk in port or old town. There aren’t many quiet places where you don’t feel isolated.

Every time I imagine Mr Giovanni’s Grandfather the Captain while looks out by balcony to monitor his motosailer and then goes out and takes care of deals in the town. In an impulse of visionary/literaly euphoria I ever link him to Monsieur Morrel, the kind and honest boss of Edmond Dantés, but that’s a different story….

Mr Captain Giovanni's Grandfather!

Mr Captain Giovanni’s Grandfather!

Image a balcony, take away the dog and he’s (almost) the same (I didn't find Monsieur Morrel pictures on Google)

Image a balcony, take away the dog and he’s (almost) the same (I didn’t find Monsieur Morrel pictures on Google)

This is an ancient building and so has its particular fascination. The ceilings bloom of plasters and floors are decorated with majolicas. They’re not white but full of patterns and colours! There’s something to everyone’s liking, squares, flowers and also small hearts.
In addition this building is pink and has arches, what else?

Hearts under your feet

Hearts under your feet

....but also flowers

….but also flowers

....and many colours! :)

….and many colours! 🙂

and look up, there are shells!

and look up, there are shells!

Fortunately this place is furnish accordind the spirit with which Giovanni took his Bed and Breakfast. The modern is at the service of functionality (always blessed are the phon and Ikea!) and the antique is the particular touch that make you happy to be at Belveliero, where many things have been looked for and desired.

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This place is full of treasures

This place is full of treasures

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If you want to sleep in Belveliero you can write here bebilveliero@gmail.com (write FIORE in the email 😉 )