The Mangiapane Cave (“EatBread Cave” 😀 ), Second part….where the goats say hi!

Mangiapane Cave in SicilyWe left with the terrible Medlars that made fun of me for my photographic passion here… fortunatly they meet Mr Mangiapane and begin to talk with him. He is the old keeper and lives in one of the houses of the village.
He’s relative of the last owners of the cave (yes, there is someone in this world that had a cave 😛 )[]


The Mangiapane Cave (“EatBread Cave” 😀 ), First part

Carretto siciliano alla Grotta MangiapaneGiovanni and me are fond of the cave Mangiapane, so we decided to take a trip together with The Poetess and Signor Carlino, the other exuberant Nespula (Medlar)

As usual we start from our ‘general headquarter’ in the port (but I talked about also here) and drive through seafront on the way to Custonaci []


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