The Mangiapane Cave (“EatBread Cave” :D ), First part

Carretto siciliano alla Grotta Mangiapane sicilian cart in Custonaci

Se vuoi leggerlo in ITALIANO ecco qui.

(I drafted this post in March, so some weeks ago, but I publish it only now. I copy it as I wrote because it seems nice and….forgive me, unknown reader 😛 )

Giovanni and me are fond of the cave Mangiapane, so we decided to take a trip together with The Poetess and Signor Carlino, the other exuberant Nespula (Medlar)

As usual we start from our ‘general headquarter’ in the port (but I talked about also here) and drive through seafront on the way to Custonaci.
This drive is relaxing on Sunday afternoon and you can forget the end of weekend for a little while yet, also if you must do many and many and many things at home instead of driving among the lands >_> ….but this street is between the sea and the uncultivated fields, full of yellow flowers and green grass, and farther there are the mountains, sliced to extract the marble. Ever and anon we surpass little groups of houses and old people who, complicit the good season, exit and talk about the priest and the grandchildren , because yesterday the gossip wasn’t enough and by now there is the time for everything and Monday isn’t a working day. It’s so strange going through these lands during this hour on this day of the week.

The time dilates also if the break is finished and the atmosphere is so weak, but the air so fresh and lively that you can feel that there is time for everything (actually it’s an illusion. I hate you, Monday). During almost all the journey, we drive through a large street surrounded by the fields but, in the end, it becomes very tight, between small houses built nearer the mountain. I don’t know if this is the only way or it’s because my zito (boyfriend) has this passion for millimetric driving but here it’s wonderful! You can harvest the lemons directly from the trees only sticking the arm out the window or count the guys overcrowded in a car, four in front, five in back and three IN the trunk (also the young people have a passion for the ‘optimistic millimetrism’ ). And finally we arrive to Mangiapane cave.

Every time I came here there’s not somebody and then I could benefit the peace of this place.

This cave was the refuge for the primitive men and it was occupied until the ’50s! It’s true! Indeed there is the very little village of Scurati, empty but not abandoned because it’s the seat of a Living Museum of Arts and Crafts during many periods of the year, in particular Christmas. The village begins out but continues into the cave. The houses are closed but in some of them you can see another lost ancient world by a little window.

Village IN the cave

Village IN the cave

The village, the cave, Custonaci view....this place is magic...

The village, the cave, Custonaci view….this place is magic…

IMG_4752 (FILEminimizer)

IMG_4755 (FILEminimizer)

A view to a lost world

A view to a lost world

Oven, Oregano and

Oven, Oregano and “agghia” (garlic) 🙂

IMG_4759 (FILEminimizer)

Mr scampering peacock

Mr scampering peacock

IMG_4744 (FILEminimizer)

Mrs Peacock

Mrs Peacock

Here there are peace and silence and you can find a peacock walking free or cocks prisoned in the cages. From the cave the view is particular, the lateral rocks seem removed awnings to let look Cornino Bay. This place is so wonderful and quiet that also the two Nespule become calm and respectful…for 50 seconds, then they start again to make fun of me for my photographic mania for the sea, the plants and the houses but maybe they aren’t afraid of forgetting things and changing memories…. 🙂

Cornino Bay.  Primitive men  saw this heaven...(without houses :P )

Cornino Bay. Primitive men saw this heaven…(without houses 😛 )

Here there are ‘zabbare‘ (agaves), purple bouganville, prickly pear cactus with yellow flowers, green medlars, scented white orange blossoms, peacocks and goat’s skulls, milk chocolate mountains, melons and pumpkins abandoned on the roof (it’s our custom, we leave them also in the balcony in summer and autumn, because they are very resistant fruits), dogs like Peter’s Nebbia (do you know Heidi anime?), Friends and Love, I want to take and remember them when this day will be finished.

IMG_4787 (FILEminimizer)

IMG_4732 (FILEminimizer)

“Nature, Nature, I’m your bride. Take me!”

Itinerary: You can reach the Cave
1) by car, from seafront Dante Alighieri go on Nord-Eastward, enter SP 20 (Trapani – Bonagia). At the rotary turn on the left, SP 18 (Via dei Marmi) for Custonaci up to Scurati
2) by bus (AST company)

Distance: 19 Km

Time: 30/40 min

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