Ancient wooden ceilings?

Il pannello di legno dipinto di un antico soffitto

Se vuoi leggerlo in ITALIANO ecco qui.

Three or four weeks ago, during a walking full of relax and love, Giovanni wasn’t able to stand and tried to provoke me saying allusive “Do we go there?

Therefore, if your boyfriend, appealing to your weakness and taking advantage of the distance from everything and everybody, looks at you with that hopeful gaze because wants to take you there, where you mustn’t go, because you can’t, because it’s prohibited, absolutely not…how can you say no?

So we went to our favourite antique market

This place (that for now I don’t reveal, bacause you could go there and find a bargain earlier than me) is our perversion/ moment of masochism.
Yes, because they sound off hysterical prices for an old jug of the end of XIX° century but really hip during Norman domination in Sicily (ehm…>_>)

Don’t misunderstand me, it’s a real antique market and there are many beautiful antique things but not so antique! They amplify the dates, very much, above all if they see two simple looking guys. Here we negotiate until the last cent, after all we descend from Arabians, so often that’s how it goes sometimes: you ogle a thing, after 5 minutes you found a position in your home, grow fond it, not even it was a found heirloom, ask the price, the heart falls and you walk on, two expensive, this is called hurting yourself

However, when you are here, it’s good asking, bacause asking is still free and they could say a passable price, nobody knows!

So there that Giovanni found this painted board. In the dude’s opinion who sold it’s dates at 1600 (BOOOOOOOOUUUUUUMMMMMM). In reality it should be “only” two centuries years old. This board derive from the ceiling of a house. We didn’t imagine it because, usually, these panels are in the churches or important ancient buildings. A day I will tell about Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri at Palermo and you will see what they were able make with just wood and colours 😉

Ancient painted wooden panel

In my opinion this is better than a painting ^_^

Ancient painted board from a ceiling

Ancient painted board from a ceiling

That one to cover the ceiling with painted panels is a very ancient idea, even medieval, and today finding it is a venture, because they have a reckless life among woodworms, fire and seepages and they were used also in the normal houses until XIX° century (also for us it’s an occasion to learn something of different, see how much is antique market beautiful? 🙂 )

Ancient painted wooden panel

I adore antique market for this reason. Whi knows how many hard knocks did this board go through

With much “preo” (pride) Giovanni has one of these panels now, spikes, holes and blots included, but it will be swell hunging up a bed of his Bed & Breakfast Belveliero and I love this idea. Usually these objects are on the ceilings, are beautiful but too far! Only their creators and the restorers can appreciate them closely, see well their drawings and colours, whereas for the most part of people they are unapproachable artistic beauties.
Surely there are other more beautiful panels, more particular and ancient, but we can see this so near and so good, in my opinion it’s fantastic (Please, say to me that I’m not fool 😛 )

Piece of ancient cieling in Belveliero Bed and Breakfast

Piece of ancient cieling

Now we have to find the suitable position and the way to bed those spikes. The merchant said “Don’t forget! Don’t throw away them, they are originals!” (In fact they have the head big like a Mentos) but if we leave them like this, one day they will snatch the arm from somebody who has the good idea to jump on the bed O_O (MMMM maybe it’s better leave them as are, to prevent a break, but I like to jump on the bed and I’m dolt 😛 )

Ancient spikes on the board

Mmmmm it will be better leaving them >_>

One day I will show where we have put it.

However the best part of that day was discovering that Giovanni dupes about the prices, he doesn’t reveal the real amount who has payed :D. Not big lies, of course, but he declares 20 euros less, just the difference between a good deal and an unique occasion. There are so many unexpected ways to discover your soul mate! 😀

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